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  • graduate master II
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AboutAmélie Blondiaux

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I'm a
graphic designer
in editing,
set design
and experimental.
I propose my service for
cultural institutions,
particular, artists ...

I blossomed with beautiful papers, their smells, beautiful finishes, books that tell a story. I also experimented with various mediums when they are needed to complete a project.

I'm a
author & photographer
on the travel blog
I propose my service for
content creation
specialized e-tourism,
agencies, tourism
Offices ...

My first love is going to journalism, to words, later joined by the photo. Since 2012 I write on the pages of this blog my travel stories. I work through this with communication agencies and tourist structures. Self-taught I acquired complementary skills to those acquired in design master in business development, digital strategy, SEO or in community management.


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